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-- Opportunity   |  Canada, Process Operator/ Process Engineer  Posted 2018/02/01 --

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CSW-is looking for the individual who meets the following requirements and descriptions

Electrical Technician -Journeyman

The applicant must be verse in fundamentals of electrical theory. This knowledge will allow the applicant to apply standard NETA or IEEE testing practices to validate the integrity of electrical equipment.   Testing will involve both low and medium voltage equipment and in minimal applications involving high voltage.  The applicant must be familiar with completing the following tests:

  • Insulation resistance testing (Megger)
  • High potential testing (Hi-Pot)
  • Digital low resistance testing (DLRO)
  • Primary or secondary injection
  • Polarization index test (PI)
  • Dissipation factor test
  • Transformer Saturation testing
  • Battery discharge testing
  • Auto Transfer scheme testing
  • Generator load acceptance and rejection testing
  • Unloaded and loaded operational tests
  • Lumens testing
  • Protection relay testing
  • Vacuum breaker testing


  • Technical Diploma or Degree from recognized Institution
  •  Journeyman apprenticeship completed/ and Interprovincial certification
  • Minimum 3 Years’ experience in testing or maintenance


  • Problem solving: Applicants need to have the aptitude to troubleshoot problems in a methodical manner to identify the issues.
  • Logic: Applicants need to be able to read electrical blueprints and prove all control through testing in systematic manner.
  • Adaptable: Working in tight quarter with wires, using hand tools and handling small components requires manual dexterity and good color visibility.
  • Observation: Applicants need to review electrical installations and observe any violations to the Canadian Electrical Code.
  • Integrity:  Applicants must be willing to work within their abilities and defer to assistance in order to maintain quality and integrity.


  • Test electrical equipment.
  • Replace and repair damaged or failed electrical equipment
  • Troubleshoot & fix faults to electrical systems including; Motor control centers and switchgear, ac or dc motors, Generators, UPS, Lighting and distribution systems, Heat trace systems, Power distribution transformers, HVAC equipment, contactors, protection relays, NGR, circuit breakers, ATS, etc
  • Familiar with programmable logic controllers.

Knowledgeable with use of various electrical power test equipment including;

  • High to Medium Voltage experience
  • Insulation resistance tester
  • AC/DC Hi-Pot Tester
  • Digital low resistance ohmmeter
  • 3 Ph injection test set
  • Transformer Turns Ratio test set
  • Current transformer test set
  • Lumens meter
  • Protection Relay test set
  • Digital Voltage Meter, power quality analyzer
  • Load bank
  • Battery testers
  • Temperature gun and circuit breaker test set.

All applications will be reviewed, only the successful ones will be contacted. All others will be kept on file for future considerations.

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